Research and Development at SaveBabies

At SaveBabies, our dedication to advancing neonatal care and lactation support is evident through our active research and development efforts. Collaborating with esteemed lactation consultants, neonatologists, pediatricians and other Health care experts, we continually strive to enhance the well-being and outcomes of premature and ill infants.

Lactation Consultants

Expert Collaboration

We partner with experienced lactation consultants who infuse our team with specialized insights. Their contributions deepen our understanding of breastfeeding challenges and solutions

Evidence -Backed Practices

By closely aligning with lactation consultants, we ensure our approach is grounded in evidence-based practices. This results in effective lactation support for both donor moms and recipient infants.

Personalized Guidance

Lactation consultants play a pivotal role in crafting tailored plans for donor moms facing unique circumstances. Their guidance empowers each donor through a seamless milk donation journey.


Premature Infant Expertise

Our collaboration with neonatologists, specialists in premature infant care, greatly informs our mission. Their extensive knowledge guides our protocols and practices for the infants we support.

Catalysts for Progress

Neonatologists drive critical medical advancements that elevate outcomes for premature infants. By partnering with these experts, we remain at the forefront of neonatal care.

Recipient-Focused Insights

Our neonatologist collaboration informs us of the nuanced nutritional and developmental needs of premature infants. This knowledge ensures that the donated breast milk optimally nurtures their growth.

Innovative Initiatives

Continual Research

Our unwavering commitment to research is evidenced by ongoing studies exploring novel methods, technologies, and approaches. This ensures that our neonatal care is ever-evolving and relevant.

Enhanced Donor Experience

Through innovation, we elevate the donor experience. This includes refining milk collection processes, offering educational resources, and fostering a supportive donor community.

Elevating Infant Well-being

Our research initiatives are focused on bolstering the health of premature and ill infants. By pioneering new strategies, treatments, and interventions, we lay the foundation for a healthier start in life.

At SaveBabies, our “Research and Development” endeavors are fueled by collaboration with lactation consultants, neonatologists, and health care specialists. Through these partnerships, we pioneer advancements in neonatal care, nurturing the growth and health of the infants we support.
We remain unyielding in our commitment to innovation, determined to illuminate a path towards a brighter future for these vulnerable lives. For inquiries about our research initiatives or collaboration opportunities, please connect with our team

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