About Us

A dedicated team working towards
a collective goal to save the babies.

Who we are?

SaveBabies is an unique initiative for these premature and sick babies who don’t have access to their own mother’s milk, by providing optimum nutrition through screened and pasteurised donor milk. SaveBabies is partnering with mothers and the medical community to generate awareness and encourage healthy mothers to donate their excess milk, ensuring intact survival and a healthy future for these little ones.

Our Mission

To support and promote the safe use of pasteurised human milk for premature and critically ill babies.

Our Vision

To ensure that all babies have access to screened and pasteurized human milk.

Our Values

Our Commitment

An Initiative By

NeoLacta Lifesciences is a research-based company dedicated to improving access to human milk through our range of 100% human milk derived products. We operate through a pharmaceutical grade facility to process, develop and test human milk products.

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