Benefits of breast milk donation

Let every single new born infants shall live there life to the fullest!

Sometimes new born babies needs to have donor’s breast milk for their initial growth due to certain reasons and conditions, either for the baby or for the mother. No matter what circumstances is, breast milk plays a crucial role in a babies healthy development and growth. Possibly that’s the reason why breast milk donation has been pushed up by many medical authorities so far.

During post delivery period, some proportion of mothers might suffer from certain restrictions or physical problems to feed their baby. In times of such
situations, breast milk donation gives a ray of hope to their lives. Clinical researches and studies so far, have shown that feeding babies with breast milk
helps in their growth and resist infections and decreases the rate of major health disease. Breast milk donation is necessary when the mother undergoes through certain physical or mental health issues such as low milk production, need for supplementing her own breast milk with donor’s breast milk, the condition of mastectomy, certain treatment with medications preventing breast milk feed, surgeries affecting breast milk production, insufficient glandular tissue and many more.

Breast milk donation is considered to be a pious service on earth, which is in fact a lifesaving process. If you can contribute to save a life on earth, there is nothing much greater than doing so!

Let’s get to know about the benefits of breast milk donation:

  • Breast milk donation helps in breast engorgement.

Engorgement is the condition when the breast gets firm and swollen making the baby difficult to get the breast milk from mother. This happens due to the large quantity of milk production more than the needed amount for baby.

  • Pre mature babies and fragile babies in the neonatal intensive care unit are benefitted from breast milk donation. To be precise, breast milk
    donation helps in lessening the risk of infections and various diseases such as necrotizing enterocolitis.
  • Breast milk donation helps in fewer leakage issues of excess milk produced by your body to deal with.

Babies who are getting benefited with breast milk donation:

  • Premature babies – babies who are born early, before they are develop completely, are the weakest. These tiny infants are likely to be infected
    very quickly and need to boost their immune system with the donated breast milk.
  • Babies from diabetic moms – diabetic moms often seems to have trouble in controlling their blood supplemented formula which leads to
    inadequate supply of breast milk in times of need. Breast milk donation to those infants of diabetic moms helps in their growth during the initial
  • Orphans/ adopted babies – in the case of child adoption, not all mothers are able to produce breast milk with intake of special hormones. In
    accordance to such situations, they are much thankful to use the donated breast milk for the growth of their baby.
  • Infected babies – babies suffering from infection and those fighting their life with threatening illness are kept in neonatal intensive care unit for
    utmost care and concern. Babies undergoing such hectic phase of life can be benefitted from breast milk donation.

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In the last 5 years, we have been able to provide donor human milk to 25,000 babies.

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Why Donor Milk?

Clinical research studies have shown that human milk help babies resist infection and decreases the incidence of serious diseases, such as

  • Necrotizing Entercolitis (NEC)

  • Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia (BPD)

  • Sepsis

  • Bacterial meningitis

  • Ear Infection.


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Premature babies are the most vulnerable due to early birth and they face the highest risk of not having access to human milk. Mother’s own milk is clinically proven to help these babies grow and thrive.

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It was really nice working with Savbabies for donating my surplus milk. I am glad this “liquid gold” will help save a fragile life and bring a smile to a family. I request all mothers to donate their extra breast milk.


(Donor Mother)


I absolutely loved donating my excess milk. Like I mentioned before, the experience made me so happy to know I was doing a good thing.Its always nice to help preemies receive some of the benefits of breastmilk.


Happy Donor


I decided to donate my breast milk after I was introduced to savebabies by one of my friend. It was so relieving as it gave me a satisfaction of helping those mothers and critically ill babies.


Donor Mother


Working with Savebabies was really nice.They were always very prompt in responding to my request. Donating milk is a noble cause and I am very glad, I could be a part of this amazing cause.


Happy Donor Mother


I am very happy donating my excess milk to savebabies. Human milk provides the best prevention against devastating infection.


Donor Mother