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About SaveBabies

Welcome to SaveBabies – a one-of-a-kind initiative dedicated to supporting premature and ill infants who lack access to their own mother’s milk or need additional nutritional support . Our mission revolves around delivering optimal nourishment to these delicate babies through rigorously screened and pasteurized donor milk.
SaveBabies stands as a collaborative force, forging partnerships with both nurturing mothers and the medical fraternity. Our primary aim is to raise awareness and foster a culture of wellness, motivating mothers to generously contribute their surplus milk. By doing so, we pave the way for the uninterrupted well-being and promising futures of these precious little ones.
Discover how SaveBabies is transforming lives and securing a healthier tomorrow for these infants. Join us in our noble journey towards ensuring every child’s rightful start in life.

Benefits for Donor Moms -
Discover the Advantages of Milk Donation | SaveBabies

Weight Loss
Supporting premature and ill infants through milk donation not only makes a difference in their lives but also offers a surprising perk for donor mothers: weight loss. By providing the essential calories needed for donation, mothers can shed post-pregnancy weight effectively. Join SaveBabies for a rewarding journey of giving and well-being.
Balances The Supply
Maintaining a steady milk supply is crucial for both nursing and pumping mothers. Through milk donation, you not only contribute to the health of premature and ill infants but also help regulate your milk production. Join us to experience the fulfilling journey of giving back while enjoying the perks of balanced milk supply.
Helps With Uterus Contraction
Beyond its impact on infants, milk donation offers an unexpected advantage: aiding in post- pregnancy uterus contraction. Join us to make a difference and experience the positive effects of altruism on your own well-being.
Reduces Cardiovascular Diseases
Your milk donation not only helps infants but also provides surprising advantages for your heart health. Join us in our mission to reduce cardiovascular risks while making a meaningful impact on premature and ill infants.
Reduces Cancer Risk
Milk donation potentially reduces your cancer risk. Join us for a healthier future for both you and the little ones.
Reduce Engorgement And Other Issues
Milk donation offers relief from engorgement and related issues for generous mothers. Your contribution supports premature and ill infants while benefiting your well-being.

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Provide Donor Milk for Preterm Infants in Need
Join us in a critical mission to provide hope and nourishment. Your support can make a life-changing impact on countless infants in need of donor milk. Every contribution matters. Act now.

Steps to Become a SUPERMOM

Unlock the path to becoming a SUPERMOM through these steps: Embrace a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy, nurture your newborn with breastfeeding, and make a meaningful impact by donating breast milk.

Breastfeeding Practices in India (NFHS 5)

As per World Breastfeeding Trends (WBTi) 2018:

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