Optimizing Breast Milk Production: Tips to Maximize Output

Breast milk serves as a complete and optimal nutritional source for babies during the first 180 days of life. Packed with essential nutrients crucial for their growth and development, breast milk also enhances the infant’s immune system, fostering resilience against infections. Moreover, breastfeeding nurtures a profound bond between mother and child. While many mothers experience […]

Effect of Diwali pollution on pregnant mother or growth of her baby

As you look forward to celebrating Diwali this fortnight, it is imperative for you to know the effect of Diwali pollution on pregnancy and the growth of the baby. There is enough scientific evidence to show the effects of pollution in pregnancy. Breathing in air pollutants can cause harm to an expectant mother and the […]

Breastfeeding during festive season

With Diwali and other festivities round the corner, eating right during the festive season is key to stay healthy and celebrating with vigour and joy. Nursing mothers specifically should be conscious about their diet. Following a nutritious diet gives the baby healthy thick milk, which helps in speedy and steady growth of the child. The […]

Benefits of breastfeeding during Covid19 pandemic

Last 7 months have been quite stressful for the entire world due to the outbreak of COVID-19. This may be especially more challenging for new mothers who are breastfeeding and concerned about their baby’s health. Here is why a breastfeeding mother shouldn’t panic: Breastfeeding is good for babies– It protects them from many infections. While […]

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