Winter Diet for nursing mothers

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Winter has come and the chilly weather during winter can take a toll on your infant as well as your health. Hence, it is essential for the breastfeeding mothers to take care of themselves and pay extra attention to what they eat. Winter is on full swing, and it is the need of the hour for breastfeeding mothers to take charge of their health along with their new born. So, the new mothers who breastfeed should make sure that they stay hydrated, eat nutritious food, avoid oily, spicy and sugary foods, amp up their immunity levels, and take precautions like avoiding venturing out in cool air and maintain the right room temperature.
This is so because there are high chances that the mother and the baby may fall ill during these cold months. Keeping certain important things in mind can do the trick.

What to eat and drink

Drinking a large glass of warm water with a generous squeeze of fresh lemon is a great way to start your morning. This helps get your digestive system going, moves any stagnation that’s lying around, helps to move your bowels and wakes up your liver. Packed full of vitamin C, it’s a great way to boost your immunity at the start of your day.
Eating at least one soup or stew throughout the day will help ensure your body is given the nutrition it needs to elevate your immunity. Soups and stews are known for their ease when it comes to digestion. They are also known to improve your breast milk, especially when they have been slow cooked from a base of animal bones (ideally free-range and organic).

Food & Medication

You are what you eat, and every morsel affects your body. Therefore, it is quite plausible that the food that you eat can greatly affect the flavour of the milk or change its smell. This is why breast-fed babies are more accepting of diverse solid foods in comparison to those who were fed formula milk. Medications also affect your milk and milk production.

When you are preparing food, consider adding these sorts of ingredients:

  • Garlic has wonderful antibacterial and antiviral properties.
  • Ginger is warming and healing for the gut.
  • Shallots help your body fend off any viruses or bacteria trying to penetrate.

You don’t have to use them all at once, but they’re great to add in different dishes here and there for you and your family.

In case of any throat infection, stay away from mucus-forming foods, including:

  • Sugar
  • Deep-fried food
  •  Cold food straight out of the fridge
  •  Avocados
  •  Bananas
  • Dairy products.


The information given in this article is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. We urge readers to seek the advice of a physician before trying any home remedies.