breast milk donation

Breastmilk as The First Immunization

Let’s discuss the importance of breastmilk as the first immunization and the benefits it provides to your baby’s health. Breastmilk composition – what’s in your breastmilk? The composition of breastmilk changes throughout the day and over time to meet the changing needs of the growing infant. The composition of breastmilk includes macronutrients such as proteins, […]

Myths & Facts About Human Milk Donation

Human milk is the optimal nutrition for babies, especially for preterm and sick babies. However, many babies are unable to receive this elixir of life due to various reasons. For these infants, according to WHO screened and pasteurised donor human milk is the best option, in absence of mother’s own milk. This need of donor […]

Fennel increases breast milk supply

World Health Organization recommended exclusive breastfeeding as an economic and valuable method for protecting an infant’s health during life. It provides unique biologic and emotional effects for both mother and infant (1, 2). Exclusive breastfeeding means that infant is fed only with breast milk without any other liquids or solid food and this definition does […]

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