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Everything you need to know about donating and receiving breast milk.

No, SaveBabies is a nonprofit organization. We rely on the kindness of milk donors who make more milk than what their babies require.  

Yes, it’s mandatory to get the blood tested. These standard screening tests ensure that the sick babies receiving the milk can access safe and complete nutrition.  

We will supply collection bottles along with storage guidelines. You can also talk to us if you need assistance, and we will be happy to help.  

No. You become an eligible donor after the blood test results are shared. You can donate till your baby is six months old.  

  • Mothers who have had premature babies face lactation issues initially.  
  • A mother pumping for twins or triplets may not have an adequate supply.  
  • Stress can affect milk production.  
  • Medications pass into breast milk and are harmful to the infant  
  • A chronic infection such as HIV, HTLV or another medical condition can preclude a mother from breastfeeding.  
  • A breast infection can temporarily affect a mother’s milk production.  
  • A mother may be in ICU due to delivery complications while the baby is in the NICU.  
  • No, you don’t have to pay for the tests. We will arrange for blood sample collection and share the results with you.  
  • The expressed milk can get infected due to a variety of reasons-  

    • Temperature fluctuations can cause bacterial growth in milk.  
    • When a mother is carrying an infection. 
    • If the breast pumps are not sterilized.  
  •  You can donate at your convenience from the comfort of your home. We will provide a starter kit containing bottles/bags for collection, unique barcode stickers for labelling, and storage guidelines for maintaining hygiene.  
  • You have the liberty to choose your breast pump. We reimburse you a part of that amount if you buy a pump solely for donation.
  • You have to fill out a consent form and a screening form which entails questions on your medical history and family history on transferrable diseases. You must be tested for HIV, Hep B, C, and Syphilis.   
  • We arrange a home sample collection at your convenience. SaveBabies takes care of the cost of tests.  
  • You need to collect the minimum quantity required and raise a request for a pick-up. We will send a team to collect the milk from your home.
  •  This is a completely voluntary process, and you have full rights to withdraw donations whenever you wish.  
  • You’ll be assigned a lactation counsellor to assist you throughout the process. You’ll easily access your counsellors through WhatsApp/messages and calls. 
  • Only excess milk is collected voluntarily, with no monetary compensation to ensure that your baby is not deprived.   

    Reasons for you to donate your excess milk:  

    • To modulate and manage your excess milk supply.  
    • Avoid the risk of mastitis and breast abscess due to excess milk supply.  
    • To help save the lives of premature and sick newborns.  
    • To help fellow mothers who are struggling with lactation.  
  • No, it is not detrimental to your baby’s health. We follow three steps to ensure that your baby’s health is not compromised.  

    Through the counselling and screening process, counsellors identify if you are hyper-lactating or not. SaveBabies only accept milk donations after you’ve breastfed your baby.   

  • No, the baby will not be deprived of their mother’s milk. Donations are accepted if your baby is more than 6-8 weeks old, allowing you to settle down post-birth and establish breastfeeding.  

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