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Everything you need to know about donating and receiving breast milk.

The mother can donate from the convenience of her home. We provide her with a starter kit containing bottles/bags for collection and unique barcode stickers for labelling. They are also counselled by certified lactation consultants and provided with literature on maintaining hygiene, storage guidelines etc.

We do not provide any monetary compensation to the donor mothers, to keep the donation voluntary and ethical. We do acknowledge the effort that goes in the collection of breastmilk and to express our gratitude and appreciate the effort through the mother and child support program

Any healthy mother who has excess milk can donate. The mother must fill a consent form and a screening form which entails questions on her medical history and family history on transferrable diseases. She is also required to test for HIV, Hep B and C and Syphilis.

We arrange a home sample collection at the convenience of the donor. Save babies takes care of the cost of tests.

Once a donor collects the milk, she raises a request for a pickup. We arrange for this milk to be collected from the donor’s home

The milk is taken to our facility in Bangalore. We ensure maintenance of a cold chain throughout the transfer.

This is a completely voluntary process, and a donor mother has full rights to discontinue donation whenever she wishes

  • Temperature fluctuations can cause bacterial growth in milk.  
  • When a mother is carrying an infection.
  • If the breast pumps are not sterilized.  

Each donor is assigned a lactation counsellor who hand holds her throughout the process. They have easy access to their counsellors through WhatsApp/messages and calls.

The donated milk reaches the facility where it is tested for contamination, pasteurised and once again tested for microbial growth. It is then frozen and stored till the time need arises.

Only excess milk is collected through voluntary donation ensuring her baby is not deprived. There could be numerous reasons for a mother to donate her excess milk:

  • To modulate and manage their excess milk supply.
  • To avoid risk of mastitis and breast abscess due to excess milk supply.
  • To help save lives of premature and sick newborns.
  • To help fellow mothers who are struggling with lactation.
  • In some cases, mother whose baby has passed away, donates to help save other babies.

At Save Babies, we follow 3 steps to ensure that the donor mother’s own baby’s health is not compromised

  • During the counselling and screening process, our counsellor identifies if the mother is hyper lactating or not. Save Babies only accepts milk donation from mothers who have excess milk even after breastfeeding their own baby
  • Milk donation is only accepted from mothers whose babies are more than 6-8 weeks old. This allows the mother and baby to settle down post birth and establish breastfeeding.
  • We also conduct regular 3rd party surveys of donor mothers to get an update on their and baby’s health and well-being
  • You can call on Save Babies Helpline 1800-419-2199 to speak to our donation counsellor who can guide you further.
  • You can visit to know more about the donation process and fill up a simple form to have our donation counsellor reach out to you.
  • You can also write to and our donation counsellor will reach out.
  • You can reach out to us on the Facebook and Instagram handles.

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