Benefits of Breastmilk

Overcoming Challenges of Breastfeeding After Cesarean Delivery: Tips and Tricks 

Every breastfeeding journey is unique, and the method of delivery can play a significant role in shaping that experience. In India, vaginal delivery (also known as normal delivery) and cesarean delivery (commonly referred to as c-section) are the two most commonly used methods. This article focuses on the impact of cesarean delivery on new mothers […]

Mastering the Art of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a natural phenomenon, it’s an art and you can master it by trying, practicing, and time. It’s easy and convenient. It provides several benefits for both the mother and the newborn including nutrition, immunity, and bonding. It is the most recommended way to nourish your little one, especially the first 180 days of […]

Breastmilk as The First Immunization

Let’s discuss the importance of breastmilk as the first immunization and the benefits it provides to your baby’s health. Breastmilk composition – what’s in your breastmilk? The composition of breastmilk changes throughout the day and over time to meet the changing needs of the growing infant. The composition of breastmilk includes macronutrients such as proteins, […]

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