Breastfeeding during festive season

Breastfeeding during festive season

Tagged breastfeeding, diwali celebration, diwali food for breastfeeding mothers, how to increase breast milk, increase breast milk With Diwali and other festivities round the corner, eating right during the festive season is key to stay healthy and celebrating with vigour and joy. Nursing mothers specifically should be conscious about their diet. Following a nutritious diet gives the baby healthy thick milk, which helps in speedy and steady growth of the child. The lactating mother requires an extra 500 kcal to be included in her daily diet. They should consume a healthy diet with good proportions of proteins, vitamins, iron and calcium.

Breastfeeding mothers must continue to follow dietary rules during the festive season

here are some quick tips for nursing mothers:

– Instead of aerated drinks and alcohol (not acceptable), consume healthier options to stay hydrated such as fresh fruit juices, tender coconut, lassi and lime juice.

– Protein-packed foods, such as whole grains, cereals, pulses, dried fruits, fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs and chicken, are good for the mother and baby.

– If you are planning to shed some kilos of pregnancy fat, switch over to fresh fruits, milk, yoghurt and juices.

– Also, nursing mothers should consume supplements like iron and calcium in the postpartum period for up to 3 months.

– Water is crucial in ensuring a regular supply of milk. An intake of 16-18 glasses of water a day is important as this helps in maintaining the consistency of milk.

– Lactating mothers are advised to have oats as part of their diet as it helps reduce cholesterol and regulate blood pressure.

– Adding garlic to your food not only enhances your cooking but also increases milk supply.

– Making carrots a part of your diet is important. Carrots are a great source of beta-carotene, which is very beneficial for lactating mothers.

– Control your caffeine intake to one cup of coffee per day, also consuming too much caffeine can make the child cranky.

– Nursing mothers should avoid processed foods as they can deteriorate healthy nutrient consumption in both, mothers and babies, and lead to nutrient deficiency.

Breastfeeding mothers should enjoy the festivals to the fullest but without compromising for their own wellbeing and child’s health. While you may have a cheat meal (eating junk), but freshly cooked food at home should be given the priority as it can do wonders to you and for the proper growth of the baby.


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