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Donor Milk

Is it safe to use donor pasteurized milk?

We follow a very strict screening, processing, dispensing and comply with the key global guidelines established by IAP ((Indian Association of Pediatrics), WHO (World Health Organization) and HMBANA (Human Milk Banking Association of North America). The donor must go through a questionnaire which helps us to understand their medical and lifestyle histories and a blood test to ensure the donor mother provides the safest milk possible.

The blood screening is done to check for HIV I&II, Syphilis, HTLV I&II (Human T- Lymphotrophic Virus) and Hepatitis B&C.

The blood sample is conducted as per the guidelines and all cost is covered by us.

Donated milk is pasteurized to kill any bacteria or viruses. After pasteurization, a lab test is conducted to show their is no bacteria growth. The donor milk is then shipped frozen to hospital and outpatient families.

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