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About Us


Started in 2016, Savebabies was established to improve the health outcomes for the premature and critically ill babies. We receive human milk from carefully sourced donors, pasteurize, freeze and then the milk is dispensed to sick babies. Our parent company Neolacta Lifesciences is the only company in India and Asia to have developed 100% human milk products which address the needs of neonatal nutrition. 

Our Mission

Is to support and promote the safe use of pasteurize human milk which offers “Quality Future” especially to the premature and critically ill babies.

Our Vision

By 2020, to ensure all NICU to have access to human milk for the critically ill babies.

Our Values

  • Availability of Human milk for all critically ill and premature babies.
  • The importance of human milk for human babies.
  • Involving larger group of community in supporting breastfeeding.

Our Commitment

Work with the community to create awareness, support and educate the importance of accepting and donating human milk.

Maintain the highest standard and safety of donor human milk i.e screen, collect, pasteurize and distribute the donor milk to the critically ill and premature babies.

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